#1 Curated Creator Network in Indonesia


At IDN Creator Network, we develop a strong and special relationship with each and every one of our 2,500 Creators in our network. We continuously maintain and invest some perks and special occasion to them, including:

Media exposure on IDN Times, Popbela, Popmama & Yummy, seminar and workshop across cities, exclusive access to private events, gifts for our creators’ birthdays and special moments.



We work diligently to find the best matching Creators for brands to work with in order to achieve its marketing goal plan, develop creative native ideas, and execute branded campaigns with the highest ROI.



Not only run and execute, but we provide very detailed report, both qualitative and quantitative. We also add some analysis to brands’ future campaign recommendation.


Based on unique experiences and characteristics that influence brands’ target audience, we help to find the best name recommendation Creators that matches brand’s objective in the campaign.  



Through our expertise in the Influencer Marketing Industry, we provide the best creative and fresh ideas of how the Influencer Marketing campaign should run and executed in order to get the best result. We bring an extensive knowledge of what truly complete digital service looks like. 




Our Network consist of more than 2,500 Creators all around Indonesia and nearby countries. Bringing the most influential Creators to work with brands and agencies to help them create impactful campaigns in their industry. Meet our Creators.



Our events are always known as status symbols for all who attend them. With clear vision and mission of how these events can help the communities amongst us, we always execute them with passion and hard work. Find out how our events made such big impacts for people who attend them.